Think Invisible

Artists Adri Bodor and Mark Szulyovszkyare the creators of those minimalist posters in this series called Think Invisible. Try to recognize the images :) (you can find the answer at the bottom of this post)
Os artistas Adri Bodor e Mark Szulyovszkyare são os criadores desses posters minimalistas da série chamada Think Invisible (Pense Invisível). Tente reconhecer as imagens :) (você pode encontrar as respostas no final desse post)

      1.Shrek; 2.Winnie the Pooh; 3.Coca Cola; 4.Sherlock Holms; 5.Chaplin; 6.Bugs Bunny; 7.E.T.; 8.Bart Simpson; 9.Abbey Road; 10.Lego; 11.Angry Birds; 12.Scooby Doo; 13.Titanic; 14.C3P0; 15.Yoda. 


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